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Protokol - 3-EN

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Grand Priory in Germany.

The Post of Chancellor of the Grand Priory in Germany is confined to Chev. Czesław Czerechowicz. He received his nomination during the last Investiture by the Grand Master of St. Stanislas as well as the Priest of the Polish Catholic Church in Wiesbaden, Chev. ks. Dr. Adam Prorok. He also has taken up his post as Chaplain of the Grand Priory of Germany.The current Board of Directors of the Grand Priory Germany shall be composed as follow:

Grand Prior: Thaddeus Frhr.v.Lison G.C.C.St.S.

Deputy Grand Prior: Wolfgang Gusel G.C.C.St.S.

Chancellor: Czesław Czerechowicz C.St.S.

Chaplain: ks. Dr. Adam Prorok C.St.S.

Treasurer: Josef von Sarnowski C.St.S.

Ambassador: Dame Marika Gamarasi, M.D., C.St.S.

Seneschal: Chev.Daniel v.Lison C.C.St.S.

Secretary: Lady Jolanta of Sarnowski DCSt.S.

The Order finances its activities through an annual contribution, which is determined by the Order Convention. Each "postulant" (potential new member) knows exactly what he will have to pay each year. Of course, the proper functioning of our order depends mainly on its financial strength. Therefore, we will always welcome contributions or donations that allow us to more effectively in all our operations.

Thaddeus Freiherr von Lison is the Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors of the Grand Priory of Germany O.St.S. With over twenty years of marketing and executive leadership, he is described as a “pillar of strength” and an inspiration to many projects and he is also one of the key figures of the International Organization of the Order of St. Stanislas. He held roles of increasing responsibility that reached over all functional areas such as finance, operations, regulatory and general management. He served at various executive positions in early years of his membership in the Order of St. Stanislas, as a provider of information, infrastructure, personal computing, global services and imaging and printing. In an early stage of his life already discovered, his quiet professionalism was soon recognized and he was promoted up the corporate ladder to become the Executive Herald, personal Secretary of the Grand Master, to Administrative Manager and Grand Legate of the worldwide Order.

Chev. Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison is active in various civic and charitable organizations and also volunteers his leadership, talent and time to a number of community endeavours.

Chev. Herbert Class will continue to assist the organization with strategic counsel through his involvement as a personal Advisor to the Grand Prior. "Over the past several years, I have enjoyed working with Chev. Herbert Class when he was still an active member of the Grand Priory in Belgium and I look forward to his new role as Advisor to me and the Board of the Grand Priory of Germany as we continue to build and improve the image of the Order of St. Stanislas in the future”, said Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison.

This visionary, disciplined man decided at an early age that he would chart his own career path, never one to accept sub-standard work, as Managing Director of Paramusix, Chev. Daniel von Lison realized his dream through his dedication and hard work which he acquired when he grew up in his father’s company. From 1994, he spent his school vacations working in various departments. After deciding to pursue a degree in Accounting at the University, it was felt that gaining practical experience would be a valuable asset to the business. After graduation, he worked in his Father’s professional firm. A year later, studies successfully completed, he decided to start his own independent Insurance agency association, and later on he managed his own Real Estate Agency. This experience exposed him to the world of business and prepared him to accept the challenge of developing the retail aspect of the business.

The PARAMUSIX President Daniel von Lison’s daily activities can be summed up in two words: organisation and communications. Keep contact with the artists with whom can he arranges their participation in different concerts, keep track on musical recordings and video’s and contract-related business in music markets. He is responsible for organising concerts, charity Gala’s and music projects with disabled children. He responds to requests to use a song in a film or television program, reviews label copies for upcoming CD releases for legal soundness and liability, makes comments and checks legal obligations on a contract or other documents, and works with other departments on day-to-day business.

He is responsible for all of the marketing activities of the PARAMUSIX Project and new business developments. This development aspect is an important focus for the Order of St. Stanislas as it tries to continuously create opportunities for the German Priory for growth. He sees the continued success of the company rooted in the ability to continuously recruit good people who are equipped to help the organisation grow into new business areas. Musically enormously talented, he appreciates all genres of music — from Rock to Bach — as long as there is true, musical talent available. He believes that music is the only language that is understood by all.

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