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The Charity Concert  in Wiesbaden Germany 16 June 2012

The culminating event took place at the evening with the Gala event, the Paramusix Benefit Gala Concert with many superlatives. It took place in the Herzog-Friedrich-August Hall with its superb interior of high artistic quality, which is one of the most splendid end representative buildings of the city of Wiesbaden. The meticulously renovated Herzog-Friedrich-August Hall, the largest and most beautiful room of the Casino Building Society, is a perfect, stylish setting for such a venue. For the musical treat, a number of top artists participated in this concert.


The musical evening announced itself with touches of classical music and the entertainment music and the pop music, a host of high-profile artists under the musical direction of the organist Daniel Lison with his 3-manual keyboard instrument, which he can elicit amazing sounds.
It was a real pleasure, what concerns hearing and sight. The well-known artists, who have all offered their skills in the service of the good cause, were very motivated and firmly committed, to delight the audience with their presentations. With frenetic applause and standing ovations, the audience, in return, celebrated the performances of the artistes.

The charming moderator, Mrs. Margit Lieverz led, very empathetic, yet with a light hand through the enjoyable evening.

The musical program was opened by the 19 year old Alexander Gross, a German pop star with light entertainment songs such as the well-known song, "Beautiful as a rose", which was composed by and Daniel von Lison and Geissler Lothar and earned great applause.

Almost the youngest in the group, the likeable singer Patrick Sway, has proved with his performance this evening his great talent with his beautiful melodies and rhythms.

The last artist before the break was the very pretty Elinor Pongracz, one of the young rising stars of the scene. Her unique voice gives jazz-pop ballads a very distinctive touch.

After the break, the masterful virtuoso Daniel von Lison delighted the public on his electronic keyboard instrument with works of Frederic Chopin, performed in a technically very high level, as judged expertly by the listening public. Exciting, emotional, expressive, he played the "Nocturne" by Chopin in a stunning new arrangement, accompanied by two young ladies of the ballet school, which presented their very light-footed and elegant fine art.
The great tenor Silvio d'Anza began with the Triumphal March from Verdi his program and had his Publik firmly under control when he asked, to participate by rhythmic clapping on the popular rhythm "Funiculì, Funiculà".

The next in line to fascinate the auditorium was the internationally experienced Odette Budin. She ranks among the world's best violinists. With her tremendous precision and with her empathy  she feels confident and is very convincing and brilliant in the classical genre: A real treat for ear and eye.

Then, the tenor George Martin was impressing with his captivating performance. The multi-award winning tenor star of the Wiesbaden Opera and compelling entertainer surprised with an inimitable live show with tremendous expressive power and intensity, with his light classical repertoire: "Besame Mucho", "O sole mio" and "Nessun Dorma".

 At the end, a surprise guest star from Warsaw, mezzo-soprano Anna Maria Adamiak has charmed the audience with her performance and with her great voice. Her performance, together with Silvio d'Anza, the wonderful tenor, gave glowing eyes and a long-lasting applause.

At the end of the concert, the audience thanked the many music artists with a standing ovation, and particularly the impressive musical companion of the evening, the virtuoso Daniel von Lison.

This day was an important cultural event that will not quickly be forgotten. After the concert, the buffet offered the opportunity to chat with the artists to ask autographs, and even to touch his idol.

To all musicians, groups, firms, the organizers and especially all donors, we should take this opportunity to sincerely thank them for their generous support!

The charity concert has lived up to its purpose: The PARAMUSIX project is a social project of the German St. Stanislas Order, chaired by Daniel von Lison and Lothar Geissler, the music producer, and will provide a humanitarian contribution for selected charitable institutions. The proceeds from this benefit concert 2012 amounting to more than 4700 € went  to the “Bärenherz” Foundation in Wiesbaden, a hospice for seriously ill children. It is a small financial contribution, but brought great joy to all with beautiful music which speaks clearer than words. It is a particular concern of the Grand Prior, who wants to see every Investiture associated with such a high standing cultural and social event.

At the end of this wonderful weekend in Wiesbaden, on Sunday afternoon, every participant was invited to the ballroom dance event in the historical Park Café, situated just opposite the beautiful Spa gardens and parks of Wiesbaden. 

We hope, a fond memory of this weekend’s happening endures in all minds, until we meet again.


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