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Sankt Stanislausorden
Protokol - 8-EN

9th November 2012 Villa Clementine, House of Literature, Wilhelmstraße / corner Frankfurter Straße. Staged reading with music. The event was designed and moderated by Renata Boja. The sublime sound of the Polish language was made audible by Renata Boja in poetry and prose, with wit and seriousness, impressions of German-Polish encounters, freedom and important trivialities of everyday life, on the occasion of 5 years emissions! Polish literature on the Internet and on the radio since June 2007.

Documentary Series: "Literary Room Poland". The organ player Daniel von Lison as a member of the Order of Saint Stanislas embellishes the literary collage with music by Chopin. Participation in such meetings fulfilled the listener with optimism and brings Poland closer with its joys and sorrows, which appear smaller in the distance. Literature inspires, teaches, expands our horizons, directs our attention to important issues, respond to moods, events, helps understand the other people belonging to other nations and other cultures, literature unites people. The literature is perhaps the most important medium of exchange and understanding. It creates connections across state borders and nationality boundaries, because literature is in their minds, international. Radio shows that emissions such as "Literary Room Poland" make an excellent contribution here.


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